W.When people wear press-on nails, they may have various questions and concerns related to the application, maintenance, and overall experience. Here are some common questions people may have when using press-on nails:

  1. How do I apply press-on nails correctly?

  2. How long will press-on nails stay on?

    • It depends on how you wear your nails and how you protect them:
      1. Stickers: 1 to 3 days
      2. Nail Glue: 5 to 15 days
      3. Nail UV Glue Gel: 10 to 20 days
  3. Can I reuse press-on nails?

    • Yes.Usually with stickers you can use your nails an unlimited number of times until you break them, or lose them。
    • If you use glue, you can usually use it 3 to 4 times, because there may be residual glue on the back, making it difficult for you to use them.
  4. How do I take care of press-on nails?

    • 1. Avoid Excessive Water Exposure

      2. Be Gentle with Your Hands

      3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

      4. Moisturize Your Cuticles

      5. Avoid Nail Biting and Picking

      6. Regularly Check for Lifting

      7. Use Adhesive Tabs for Quick Fixes

      8. File and Shape as Needed

      9. Avoid Extreme Heat

      10. Consider Nail and Cuticle Oil

      11. Remove Them Carefully

      12. Store Them Properly

  5. Can I customize or paint over press-on nails?

    • You can.But our suggestion is not.
  6. What adhesive should I use?

    • Nail Glue.You can get online or store, choose a good one can last longer, but don’t use super glue ,sometimes keep the nails too long time, it’s unhealthy.
  7. Are press-on nails safe for my natural nails?

    • Yes.
  8. Can I wear press-on nails for special occasions or events?

    • Yes.
  9. Can I shower or swim with press-on nails?

    • It may not that statable with the sticky tabs, but with the glue is fine.
  10. Do press-on nails damage natural nails?

    • No.We use the full nail tips ,UV light, Gel to paint on those nails, and use the nail glue or sticky tabs to put them on. When you remove the nails, it won’t damage your natural nails.
  11. Can I trim or file press-on nails to adjust the length and shape?

    • Yes.Usually when you choose a suitable nail, there may be a slight problem of inappropriate size. Our suggestion is to rub the edge of the nail with a nail file to make the nail reach the size that suits your nail.